New York’s most tempting shops

Shopping in New York is definitely more than just endlessly trying on clothes and shoes. You can buy literally anything in the Big Apple, which has everything from gigantic bookshops to high-tech camera stores. Many large shopping chains have chosen to locate their flagship stores to this vibrant city, and with good reason.

Strand Books

Strand Books

Mountains of books

With almost 30 kilometres of books, Strand Bookstore on Broadway is the ultimate fantasy for fanatical readers. The shop has more than 2.5 million books on its shelves, spread over 3 packed floors. From New York Times bestsellers to extremely rare or second-hand books, you’ll find them all here. Strand Bookstore dates back to 1927 and is the only shop remaining from the famous ‘Book Row’, which once counted 6 blocks full of bookshops on 4th Avenue. The store also purchases books, allowing you to trade in your finished books for new material in time for your flight home.

Dazzling diamonds

No other jewellery brand in the world is as famous as Tiffany & Co. This jewellery empire’s flagship store is situated on the prestigious 5th Avenue. In the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn stood here, staring longingly at the gems sparkling in the window. And window shopping here is still an appealing activity in itself, especially during the festive holidays. Inside the shop, it’s diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds. A serious purchase can cost an arm and a leg but fortunately items can also be bought for less than $250.

B&H Photo-Video

B&H Photo-Video

Fascinating photography

Fascinating is the best word to describe the gigantic B&H Photo Video store. Glass cases full of cameras, lenses, studio lights and accessories beckon visitors. Helpful staff behind the counters ensure that everything runs smoothly, despite the crowds. Once you’ve made your choice, your purchase disappears into a container and is brought to the cashier via an ingenious transport system on the ceiling. Be aware that the shop is closed on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath.

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

Chocolate to make your mouth water

The trendy Brooklyn district DUMBO (District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is located to the left and right of the steel-blue Manhattan Bridge. Here you’ll find the chocolate shop of Jacques Torres, a nirvana for chocoholics. Willy Wonka himself would be jealous of the wide range of chocolates, chocolate cookies and other treats on display here. Through the window you can watch the chocolatiers make the most incredible creations. In recent years, Jacques has expanded from Brooklyn and now also has shops in Manhattan.

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