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Chinese temples and modern skyscrapers

Looking for a city trip to a modern metropolis steeped in history? Book a flight to Shanghai and discover this incredible city. Take the Shanghai Maglev Train from the airport to the city centre and marvel at the futuristic skyline as you whizz along at 430 km per hour. You can see the traditional side of China in the antique shops along Dongtai Road or in the Yuyuan gardens with its traditional tea house.

Experience China from the past with a modern twist

Hypermodern skyscrapers in Shanghai next to age-old Chinese temples. On the Bund promenade, you can find buildings dating from the French colonial period. Don’t pass up a chance to see The Oriental Pearl Tower, an impressive symbol of modern Shanghai. There are many attractions in the tower, but the major one is the unparalleled view across the city. Shanghai is the ideal destination for a city trip or the starting point for a trip through China. Don't miss this experience: book a flight to Shanghai now!

Book a flight to Shanghai

Delicious food and exuberant dancing

Once night falls, Shanghai becomes even more animated. The city has a large number of restaurants offering delicious Chinese specialities and the old part of the city is packed with small-scale eateries. Looking for something a little more sophisticated? You will find high-quality restaurants on the Bund promenade. The trendy rooftop bars here also offer amazing views across the Huangpu river and the glistening skyline of Shanghai.

Flights to Shanghai for a unique city trip

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