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Wangfujing: Beijing’s main shopping street

Obviously a metropolitan city such as Beijing has plenty of great places to shop, but there are always some locations that stand out. Take Wangfujing, for instance. As well as being the most famous shopping street in the city, it’s also the busiest. On an average weekday you’ll find hundreds of thousands of bargain hunters, while in the holiday season the number can reach to over a million.


Street food

As night falls in Beijing, hungry locals and tourists gather in Snack Street after a long day of shopping. This area is part of the Donghuamen Night Market. Here you’ll be surrounded by the most enticing aromas from numerous street carts and restaurants. It is definitely worth a visit and the choice is overwhelming – from spicy noodle soup, lamb kebab and Chinese pancakes to fried crocodile and scorpions on sticks. Even if you are afraid to try the most unusual dishes, it is still an unforgettable sight to see what is available.

St. Josef Church

St. Josef Church

Peaceful church

There are also quiet spots in Wangfujing, some of which offer a peaceful oasis. The St. Joseph Church for example is one of the most interesting churches in Beijing. It is the perfect place to catch your breath, sitting on a shady bench watching teenagers speed by on skateboards. Inside the church, you may soon forget you’re in China due to its very European interior. The Sunday services are extremely popular among the Western residents of Beijing.

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